Zenless Zone Zero Beta test invites are now being sent out! If you were lucky enough to get the invite, well, congratulations – I didn’t. But hey, there’s always next time… maybe.

If you’d like to learn more about Zenless Zone Zero, you can visit the game’s official website!

Where to Find Your Invite

I’d also like to add that they are apparently being sent out in batches, so it’s probably best to keep an eye on your email folders until the beta begins – which is November 24!

Even if you think you haven’t received an invite, you should check your spam email folder! Some people have been reporting the invite emails are being sent to their spam folder on their email client – which isn’t great.

I don’t regularly check my spam because it’s, well… spam. Anyway, here’s your reminder to have a look if you previously signed up for the Zenless Zone Zero beta test!

As I didn’t get in myself, I’m not too sure about the next steps. However, I expect that the lucky winners will be sent a download link to access the game.

The Second Way to Check…

Additionally, you can double-check to see if you have been selected to take part in the Zenless Zone Zero beta test by visiting the Equalizing Test Qualification Query page. By entering your HoYoverse ID, you can find out if you won a place or not.

If you didn’t sign up through the website, you probably entered via other means such as Twitch drops. Those who have won using these methods will be contacted once the events meet their deadline, so you’ve still got some time!

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