Halloween might be over for another year, but for some shambling undead monstrosities, this is just the beginning. Dead Cells: Netflix Edition just dropped, and subscribers to the streaming service can get their hands on the action game without parting with any extra cash.

Even if you already have the base game, the new version might have something for you.

All The Bells And Whistles… And Vampires

Dead Cells Netflix edition gets all the DLC content. Fatal Falls, Rise of the Giant, The Bad Seed, and the latest Return To Castlevania DLC are all packaged in. If you’ve never played the DLC, then it’s a great time to do so. They’re well worth a look.

For any not yet familiar with the game, Dead Cells is a combination of a Metroidvania and a roguelike, a roguevania, if you will. You have a 2D world with multiple paths in each area, so that’s the Metroidvania. You also have a level of random generation to those areas, which will reset each time you die. So there’s the roguelike.

It’s set in a crumbling island Kingdom that the seemingly negligent King has let collapse into brutality and madness. Death and violence is everywhere, even your player character. That is, the hero is a sentient wad of slime puppeteering a beheaded body around.

At Least You Have Some Body To Go With

As The Beheaded, you go wreak revenge on your body’s killers across various areas and utilize all kinds of weapons and traps to get the results you want.

It only gets more dangerous the further you go. Risking a detour to find treasure might save you.. or if might just eat into your health and leave you less equipped to face the tasks ahead.

Want to give it a look? You can find Dead Cells: Netflix Edition now on Google Play. As the name might suggest, it’s exclusive to Netflix subscribers.

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