Feature image for our Wizard Of Legend Android news. It shows an in-game screen of a wizard character stood at a desk with several items on, a hooded figure stood on the other side of the table.

Another formidable title is getting a port to our favorite platform! The Wizard Of Legend Android version is on the way, as confirmed by the developers in a new trailer, and a post on the official Twitter.

Wizard Of Legend takes place in the Kingdom Of Lanova. The bigwigs in the Kingdom’s magical council hold a trial to test the skills and dedication of the best spellcasters out there. Completing the Chaos Trials will secure your status as a Wizard Of Legend… but first, you need to survive the trials.

That means fighting your way through hordes of summoned creatures in intense top-down fights.

These Wizards Can Punch

Spellcasters can get the short end of the stick in some games. They can be squishy, and survival normally involves trying to keep as much distance as possible between you and whatever monster you’re facing.

This isn’t the case in Wizard Of Legend. You’re more than qualified to stroll up to your enemies and start giving them a beatdown, with the power of the elements helping you out.

You can effortlessly chain together different kinds of magic in fast and fluid combat where things happen in the blink of an eye.

Do We Know What We Can Expect?

It’s early days yet, so we don’t know what the state of the multiplayer situation will be on Wizard Of Legend Android. Here’s hoping we get some robust options and something equivalent to the local co-op that the previous versions involved.

Sounds like your kind of thing? Keep an eye on the official website and the developer’s Twitter for more updates on the Wizard Of Legend Android port. We’ll be doing the same!

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