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Will Command & Conquer Legions Live Up To Its Legacy?

Will Command & Conquer Legions Live Up To Its Legacy?

A new edition to the storied Command & Conquer franchise is on its way to mobile later this year. Command & Conquer Legions is a strategy title set in the same universe after the Third Tiberium War.

CABAL is up to his old tricks again, and the GDI and Brotherhood Of Nod are once again forced into a rather uneasy alliance to deal with that, and a looming alien threat.

Players take the role of a Commander, trying to mount a war effort. Gameplay involves managing resources, building, placing units, and fighting battles. Players can also utilize Heroes to help get the job done.

Well, the current screenshot at the time of writing read ‘Heores’ but that’s probably a minor typo.

A Lot To Live Up To

The series Command & Conquer needs very little introduction. The legendary strategy game series’ first title came out back in 1995, and in the past three decades the series brought us intense warzones, hours of fun with friends, and Tim Curry doing his best Russian accent.

It’s safe to say that Command & Conquer Legions has some big shoes to fill.

There is already a Command & Conquer mobile title, Command & Conquer: Rivals, though the game has mixed reviews, sitting at around 3.9 stars on Google Play. The general consensus seemed to be that Rivals was perhaps a little basic in its mechanics to match up to the rest of the series.

Can Legions Make It?

So, can Command & Conquer Legions succeed where Rivals failed? Well, we’re not about to pass any judgment before we’ve had a chance to take a look at it for ourselves.

Interested in doing the same? You can pre-register now via the official website. Closed Beta Testing should be underway soon, and the best chance to snag a spot on one is to pre-register.

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