Do you want to know who all the Multiverse Defenders Mythics are and how to obtain them? Our guide covers each Mythic alongside their obtainment, rarity, and some extra stats you may find useful to decide who you want to try to pull from the summons!

Multiverse Defenders takes your favourite characters from across the entire anime-verse and turns them into playable combat units. You get enlisted in helping to protect the realms from an onslaught of opponents. Can you defend the Multiverse?

You can play Multiverse Defenders now on Roblox. Want more Multiverse Defenders? We’ve got a Multiverse Defenders tier list too! Oh, and don’t forget our pick for Who Is The Best Mythic In Multiverse Defenders?

Multiverse Defenders Mythics

Mythical units are some of the most powerful and stacked characters you can obtain within Multiverse Defenders. Right behind the Secret Units, but this isn’t about them. Mythcis are highly regarded for their rarity and stats, being some of the strongest players can utilize in battles.

Meet The Mythics

Now, onto the part where we tell you about each Mythic, including how you can get them and some extra notes on their battle capacity.


Megu, also known as Megumin comes from the Konosuba franchise. She has a 5% chance to be opened from the Mythical Christmas Present during the 2023 Christmas Update

  • Single Placement Unit
  • Hill Unit


Commonly known as Crocodile comes from the (in my opinion goated) franchise One Piece. He can be obtained via the Alabaster Raid Shop for 50 Beli.

  • Three Placement Unit
  • Applies a slow effect to targets hit


Levyn is based on Levi from Attack on Titan. This unit has a 0.5% banner chance.

  • After deployment, this unit can grow to Upgrade 6.


Toki, aka Tobi from Naruto is another banner Mythic. This unit has a 0.5% summon chance.

  • After deployment, this unit can grow to Upgrade 6.


Mabu is based on Buu from Dragon Ball. This unit has a 0.5% banner chance.

  • Has a total upgrade cost of 3140 Yen
  • Surpasses other banner units by reaching Upgrade 8.


Arguably the best Mythic in the game thanks to a bug. Shonks is based on Shanks from One Piece and is another 0.5% banner pull unit.

  • Shonks only has a placement of 3
  • His final upgrade enjoys 400% more DMG. This insane damage increase was patched. However, made it back to the game thanks to backlash from players.


Another One Piece inspired Mythic? Us One Piece fans sure are lucky. Sabon is based on Sabo from One Piece (of course). Again this is a banner unit with a 0.5% pull chance when currently in the system.

  • Sabon applies a 5-tick burn dealing 50% of his total DMG output
  • The first burn unit to enter the game.
  • Four Placement Unit


Our final Mythic is… Another One Piece-inspired character? Akainun is based on Akainu and is our final 0.5% banner unit.

  • Has a total upgrade cost including Deployment of 3140 Yen.
  • Enjoys up to 8 Upgrades.

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