Feature image on our guide on how to find Speedwagon's hat in World Of Stands. It shows a view of Dio's Castle in the snow, with snowy trees in the background.

So you’ve been asked to hunt down REO Speedwagon’s favorite headgear, but you’ve wandered all around London with no joy? Where Is Speedwagon’s Hat In World Of Stands? Don’t worry, we’re here for you (and possibly your Stand too!). Our guide sets out to show you exactly where to look.

World of Stands is based on the hit anime series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure! Work through a ton of quests as you battle against enemies. As you progress through the game, you’ll earn Stands. Stands can be used to obtain new abilities to use as you fight against fellow players in PvP!

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Where Is Speedwagon’s Hat In World Of Stands?

Here we’ll endeavour to answer any questions you have.

Speedwagon’s Hat

Speedwagon’s Hat is an item belonging to NPC REO Speedwagon in the London area of World Of Stands. You need to find it as part of the quest ‘Time For Me To Fly’. If you aren’t on the quest, then the hat will not be in its location.

Speedwagon’s Hat Location

The hat is easy to find, once you know where to look!

You need to head up the ladder that you find in the alley on the first left outside the Joestar Mansion’s gates.

Head up the ladder and made you way past the Hobo NPC on the roof. He may talk about beans. He won’t help you find the hat though. You need to find some planks that lead over onto another roof.

Head onto that roof, with a nice view of the vampire castle. Once there take a look around on the roof. If you have the right quest, the had should be hovering in the air on the roof.

Now you just need to take it back to complete your quest. Niiiice.

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