The latest What in Hell is Bad banning drama hasn’t got anything to do with the lewdness of the game – it’s because players are receiving bans for no reason. Plus, with multiple maintenance periods being put in place since the game’s launch, it’s not a good look for PrettyBusy.

For more information about What in Hell is Bad, visit the game’s official website or take a look at the game on Google Play – if you wish to do so despite the current issues!

The Current What in Hell is Bad Banning Issues

There were cases of people receiving errors, crashes, and black screens during the first few hours of launch. While online service games have some teething problems at the start, this is probably one of the worst ones I’ve personally seen myself within the gacha genre.

Anyway, aside from the errors, players are now getting surprise bans. The problem with this is that the “exploit” was entirely the development team’s mistake. Yet those who accidentally took part in the exploit are now receiving bans from What in Hell is Bad.

No Accountability

Somehow, it gets worse. If you receive a ban in-game, you’ll be greeted with a pop-up that reads along the lines of “Abnormal use of currency has been detected within the account, and the account has been blocked”. It then goes on to include a website URL that takes you to the EroLabs help page, instead of directly to PrettyBusy themselves.

Why players are being instructed to reach out to EroLabs, a game-hosting website, is currently unknown – but players are certainly not happy with it. Those who are banned are having the blame put on them for the exploit when it isn’t their fault at all. At this current time, PrettyBusy hasn’t taken any accountability for the mistake.

Have PrettyBusy Responded to the Situation?

The only response given at the moment is that PrettyBusy is removing items that they believe players haven’t earned “legitimately”, but have not gone into detail about what these specific items are.

Players are speculating that the “illegitimate” items may be the in-game currency (Pancakes and Keys) or possibly the L characters in their inventory that they were able to obtain pre-ban in What in Hell is Bad. On top of that, PrettyBusy has stated that this process will take a total of 7 days – not great is it?

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