Mark the date. Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis release hits September 7th. The Square Enix mobile RPG was originally scheduled for launch last year, but the developer decided the game needed longer to cook. Now you don’t have long to wait to get your hands on the title.

While it’s always good to be cautious about any release before you get your hands on it, we’ll admit to being a tiny bit on the hype train about this one.

A Whistle-Stop Tour Of The FFVII Timeline

Ever Crisis is a new addition to the Final Fantasy VII franchise. It’s a call back to some of the great moments from all the games under the FFVII umbrella, with some new, original tales from the huge and complex world.

The moment-to-moment gameplay clearly models itself on the original Final Fantasy VII, with some modern polish. You have smaller, more adorable models on the map screen. Then you get more detailed ones in a battle.

The battles themselves are a streamlined version of the classic experience. You have moves, magic, materia, and limit breaks. There appear to be a few extra mechanics, like the ability to interrupt special attacks from bosses by dealing enough damage, switch stances, and autobattle for grindfests.

The game’s chapters take you on a tour of famous scenes with a new coat of paint, and it’s hard not to see these and feel a rush of nostalgia.

The Inescapable Gacha

Of course, every game is making money somewhere, so what’s the catch in Ever Crisis’ case? Well, the title is a free-to-play gacha game.

Where does the gacha part come in? Well, from what we’ve seen so far, weapon gacha is integrated into the game, though it seems like a set roster of characters. The draw visuals are also some of the most incredibly extra we’ve ever seen.

If this sounds like your thing, you can pre-register now on Google Play.

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