A new premium roguelike action game just made the jump over to Android, and we’re very happy to welcome Warm Snow to the best platform.

Warm Snow is a dark fantasy inspired by 1600s China. Some time before the events of the game, a strange snow fell over the land that was not cold to the touch. Those who inhaled the flakes of this ‘Warm Snow’ lost their minds and turned into twisted monsters, sending the world on a spiral into destruction.

It’s Snow Joke

You take on the role of Bi-An, a warrior who sets out to uncover the truth behind this deadly snow and try to put a stop to the disaster pushing everyone to the precipice. It won’t be easy, though.

The source of the curse is the emperor himself, and the five ruling families who defied gods and nature. All of the houses must fall for the curse to end, and it’s up to you to eat the rich personally.

The game is a roguelike, so progress into the world itself is erased when you die. Fortunately, some things you upgrade persist beyond your violent end, and you can use those tools to give yourself a greater chance on the next run.

Soaring Swords

You attack using a melee weapon, but that’s not all. Bi-An has a few tricks up his sleeve. The warrior can control swords, flinging multiple blades out toward enemies before pulling them back like a boomerang.

As with any roguelike, items are a big deal. In Warm Snow, they become all the more versatile, as you can equip some to different slots for different effects. This makes it considerably easier to put a build together.

There are skills you can also pick up along the way. Once again, you’ll need to choose what suits you best. The result is pretty satisfying, both if you just like a casual playthrough, or if you want to get into the nitty gritty of perfecting the ideal build.

Sound like your thing? Check out Warm Snow on Google Play.

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