The image shows the title screen from Type Soul with Ranked highlighted as this is the section of the game required to get the gods gift

Will the Gods Prize reign blessed or blursed? This Type Soul Gods Prize Guide tells you what this item is, how to get it and if its stats make it worthy of its title.

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Type Soul Gods Prize Guide

Let’s begin with what it is. This item is a face accessory and Legendary drop. However, if it is truly a prize of the gods is your decision. When equipped, this item adorns a few stat boosts to its wearer:

  • +15 Health Points
  • +15 Reiatsu
  • +5 Posture
  • A small percentage of Reiatsu Regen

Thankfully, this isn’t an item you cannot lose if defeated. So don’t worry about dropping it for another play to snatch if you get culled. Hopefully with this equipped you can avoid dying as often, after all, it does offer that nifty health boost!

How To Get God’s Prize

Whilst Raids do enjoy the occasional accessory drop, the easier way to get most wearables including the Gods Prize is via ranked PvP. Inside the Type Soul Arena, it’ll be you versus a random player showing off your skills in real-time combat. The winner will be awarded some rank points also known as ELO, Kan and an assortment of loot. You should note that to participate in Ranked you need to be Special Grade 1 or above.

Since the Gods Prize is a Legendary accessory, you may end up in multiple matches before it’s discovered. On the plus side, you’ll accumulate a good sum of Kan and climb the ELO PvP ranks during this time, silver linings. That is unless you’re particularly bad at PvP (You’re not alone… Me too), then the Gods Prize may be an accessory you’re better off trading for.

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