Things are heating up in Tower of God: New World with the arrival of an update that celebrates the summer season.

It brings with it new characters, costumes, and events that you can complete for in-game rewards. It goes by the apt title of Hot Summer Festival, and it’s live right now.

Joining the fun are brand new characters Biole and Xia Xia, SSR+ and SSR rarity respectively. Both are of the red element, which makes sense given the season. Biole is a ranged DPS specialist, while Xia Xia focuses on supporting their allies.

As part of the event, both new characters get unlockable costumes, as well as Shibisu, Hatz, Ha Yuri, and Hwaryun. 

There’s loads of content to actually play through, too. This includes Xia Xia’s Growth Mission, which is split up into eight separate objectives. You have to have Xia Xia to unlock this event, but beat them all and you earn a copy, allowing you to power them up.

Everyone can enjoy the Dangerous Vacation event though, which sees you completing a series of missions for rewards. These include 21 Normal Summon Tickets and a bunch of SSR Soulstones.

Meanwhile, the Vacation Mission Event functions similarly, but you earn tokens from the missions you complete. You can then spend these in the Vacation Event Exchange Shop for the rewards you want.

Again, these include Summon Tickets and SSR Soulstones, but you can also grab a Shibisu Soulstone and costume, or a Teammate Grade Enhancement Scroll among many more.

The Hot Summer Festival is live in Tower of God: New World right now, so go ahead and grab it from the App Store or Google Play. If you’re on PC, you can still get involved by grabbing it from the Google Play Games Beta.

We also recommend that you join the official Discord server. Not only can you get to know the community, but you can stay on top of all of the future events and updates.

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