It’s October and time for ghoulies and ghosties, so it’s a great time to let people know that the dark anime Tokyo Ghoul gets its own mobile game at the beginning of next month. Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains comes out November 9th on Android and lets you take ghoul powers for a spin.

Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains is a strategy RPG that lets you relive the events of the anime in a more interactive way. The original voice actors from the series are back along for the ride too, so you’ll get an authentic experience.

3D Battles

The upcoming game’s battles are presented in full 3D, with all the spooky gross monster appendages you’d expect from the series on show. The game uses a card-based battle system where you try to chain combos together to unleash powerful skills.

The game features over thirty characters from the original anime, with the option to interact with them and deepen your bond.

Never heard of Tokyo Ghoul? Let us fill you in.

A Date Gone Wrong Leads To Ghoulhood

Tokyo Ghoul follows the story of Ken Kaneki, a student who thinks he’s having a great time. He scored a date with a beautiful young woman and things seem to be going really well… until she bites a chunk out of his neck.

The woman is a ghoul, strange creatures that eat human flesh.

Kaneki wakes up the next day to find that while a fortunate accident killed the ghoul and saved his life, the damage to his own body was such that he needed an organ transplant. The organs came from the monster that tried to eat him.

Kaneki becomes half-ghoul, and needs to adjust to leading a double life between his everyday existence, and the dark underworld the inhuman maneaters dwell in.

Sound like your speed? Check out Tokyo Ghoul: Break The Chains on Google Play.

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