When Respawn Entertainment announce that Apex Legends Mobile would shut down, Android gamers around the world wept in union. That is, until Farlight 84 arrived to save the day.

This battle royale shooter takes liberal amounts of inspiration from Apex Legends, and provides a similar experience on your phone. Well, aside from its third person perspective.

It features gorgeous, cartoony visuals, a huge map to explore, and a wide variety of different characters to play as. It even encourages multiplayer, if you can pull a group together.

How is Farlight 84 Like Apex Legends?

Each character has a different role. Assaults deal damage, Defense defends, Scouts alert you of enemies, and Supports keep you all alive.

These roles provide a wide variety of different skills tailored towards their play style. You really have to work together to make the most of the individual characters.

If you like getting around quickly, you will be pleased to hear that there are a wide variety of vehicles to use too. These are sort of like Transformers, in that they can swap from a car to a turret-wielding mech with the tap of a button.

Where Does it Differ?

Where it differs from Apex Legends is in its third person viewpoint, and the much easier revives. No one likes dying and being out in a battle royale, and Farlight 84 knows that.

And now, you can play the battle royale on your PC as well as your mobile. Farlight 84 features a single log in across both platforms, so you don’t even have to start all over again.

You can grab Farlight 84 on Google Play or Steam. Or both, given that you can play across both platforms if you want.

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