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Teenage Sephiroth And Pre-Reg Rewards Smashed As Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Release Date Approaches

The Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis release date, September 7th, draws close, and new updates are coming thick and fast from Square Enix about what we can expect in the hotly-anticipated mobile RPG. Most notably, the pre-launch trailer is out, which features some more peeks at gameplay, but also peeks at the baby Sephiroth that’s making everyone do a double take.

For any veteran of the series, the trailer is both an exciting dive into new content and a truly surreal experience. A very different Sephiroth appears, who contrasts pretty heavily against the homicidal maniac he became by the events of Final Fantasy VII.

A Different Side Of Seph

This Sephiroth is still rocking the black coat with the pauldrons, and still considers a katana his weapon of choice, though he’s got shorter hair and what seems to have at least a little consideration for others.

In a dialogue scene, he tells an unrevealed figure ‘They’re too kind for their own good. It’s going to get them killed one day.’

So, perhaps he’s not all about love and kindness in this story, but he does seem to be showing genuine concern about others around him, a big departure from the fairly aloof figure of previous titles, and very far removed from the madman who set out to destroy the world.

The game certainly promises to show us a side of the infamous villain that we’ve never seen before.

Unique Dialogue And Lots Of Downloads

It’s not all about the silver-haired meteor menace though. Ever Crisis also sets out to contain unique dialogue between some of the familiar faces of the hero roster, like Cloud, Tifa, and Barrett.

You’ll get the chance to play through some of the pivotal events of several different games, brought together in a unified style.

There was some other recent good news for people ready to play on the Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis release date. Pre-registrations smashed targets and topped 1.5million. This means players not only get all the pre-registration rewards promised, but possibly more.

Square Enix just tacked on another stretch goal of 1.7 million, with a 7.7 billion Blue Crystal reward, shared between everyone, obviously.

Interested but not signed up yet? You can pre-register now via Google Play.

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