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Super Snail is the Satirical Idle RPG We Didn’t Know We Needed

If you’re tired of the constant influx of idle RPGs on Android, Super Snail is the game for you. While it’s guilty of sharing the genre, Super Snail is clearly having a little bit of fun at its expense.

For a start, you play as a fully customisable snail. When we say that, we mean you can create a robot, angelic, zombie, demon, or mutant snail. It’s silly, yet somehow feels like shots fired at the absurdity of the genre.

There’s also something highly amusing about equipping a snail with weapons and gear that boost its stats. Imagine giving a snail an item that increases its attack power, or, even better, its speed? You can do that here.

But perhaps the most surprising aspect of Super Snail is its insanely high quality. Its cartoon visuals are as good as anything you can watch on TV, while its ‘gameplay’ is up there with the genre’s best. That is essential in a good parody though – it does need to do a fairly good job of emulating the thing.

How Does Super Snail Play?

So what do you do in Super Snail? Well, you play as the eponymous creature, who finds itself in a post-apocalyptic world. Your job? To save it by travelling back in time and taking down the eight Demon Gods that caused the devastation in the first place.

You explore a world, battling enemies and looting gear to improve your power. As you progress, you can take on quests, making key decisions that affect the outcome of the story. You can even get to know the various characters, which are often quite humorous in nature.

The secret to expanding your power is to discover relics, which provide you with various stat boosts. There are over 400 of these, all based on real world items, and you can equip the ones you like the most. That way, you build the Super Snail as you want it to play.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, head on over to Google Play. Whether you’re a fan of the genre, or you despise it, Super Snail seems well worth checking out.

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