The image shows two cats chatting to one another, the player cat is on the left and is blue with a ghost sheet over its face. The right kitty is candy corn coloured and tells the other cat "they say cats bring good luck on halloween".

What a purrfect start to the festive season! Super Cat Tales: PAWS takes you through a spook-tober with themed quests and mini-games to get you ready for Halloween. This update introduces plenty of new things to collect and do, but only for a limited time!

PAWS Purrfect Pumpkins

There’s plenty of new apparel to get your paws on such as the Jack-O-Lantern helmet, a scary skull, a spooktastic purple voodoo hat, and the sickly green forehead of Frankenstien’s monster. All of these limited-time collectibles can be obtained through the in-game store and be purchased for coins.

Flappy Bat has entered the mini-game roster with its striking gameplay resemblance to the once-gone, never-forgotten Flappy Bird. Bounce your way between towers to earn coins and set your own high score! There is also a brand new quest prompted by one of your feline friends to locate and retrieve all 10 pumpkins! There’s a reward in it for doing so, but we won’t spoil what that is.

Me-wow! It’s Halloween

Super Cat Tales: PAWS has a base game story for you to enjoy alongside the Halloween update. This exciting pixel platformer sends you and your kitty crusaders on a mission to protect Neko Land! The retro pixel style and catchy music make this game effortlessly fun for a quick play or plenty of hours of fun.

There are plenty of mini-games to play, daily quests for that quick kitty fix, or enjoy meeting the catty locals and completing story quests for them. All of the coins you earn can be spent within the shop for fancy hats to customize your cat in. Not everything has to be scary!
Sound like the purrfect game for you? Check out Super Cat Tales: PAWS on the Play Store today! We also have some other news you may enjoy Watch Out, Diablo Immortal: Dungeon Hunter 6 is Out Right Now

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