A new emulator is on the way, and the Cassia emulator might be a real game-changer for carrying your favorite games around in your pocket.

You might have already seen our news piece on Winlator, well that’s not it for Android PC emulation news for the week, as two of the developers of the renowned but ill-fated Nintendo Switch emulator Skyline recently unveiled Cassia, an in-development app that will allow you to play Windows games on an Android device.

Skyline Devs’ New Project

Now an FAQ section was posted on the official Discord server, formerly the Skyline Discord, with a mine of information about the project, which is due for a public release sometime next year.

There are a few major changes in their approach to Cassia vs Skyline. One of the changes is that the devs do not plan to make Cassia fully open-source. They have committed to making it open source should they ever stop development, so there’s less of a concern about it becoming a dead end.

Monetization is a factor in any big project, but so far there are no plans to make Cassia a premium app. Some potential plans include a Skyline Edge-style paid advanced build, and paid-for cosmetic add-ons to support the developers.

So how does it all work? Well, Cassia should work like Proton, which the Steam Deck uses to run games. As any Steam Deck user will tell you, it’s not flawless, but it’s certainly functional.

Steam On Your Phone?

Speaking of Steam, one of the really exciting prospects in the FAQ is that of running a Steam client via Cassia. We don’t think we need to explain why having access to a whole Steam library would be amazing, though don’t expect it any time soon.

The FAQ goes on to explain that there are a few technical issues that make Steam a bit more of a challenge to run with good performance, however, it went on to state that Steam was a ‘#1 Priority’.

In a move that I’m sure will please some of our readers, there are also plans to include hardware controller support. Who could ask for more?

If you want to keep an eye on development, scrutinize the FAQ more closely, or just shout encouragement, you can check out the Cassia emulator Discord.

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