Rec Room and Barbie are a match made in heaven with brand-new outfits inspired by Barbie and Ken. With the first-ever live-action Barbie movie hitting the cinemas last week, it seems to be a common occurrence to see Barbie collaborating with random franchises as of late.

For more information about Rec Room, visit the official website or download the game on Google Play.

What Does the Collab Entail?

While this collaboration doesn’t exactly add much to the game in terms of gameplay, it does allow players to express themselves with lashings of pink – and celebrate the release of the film. These outfits can be obtained from July 26th, however, we’re not too sure if they are limited to a certain time frame. 

The outfits feature:

  • Barbie: Pink cowgirl outfit with a Barbie belt and a pink cowgirl hat with a B initial on the front
  • Ken: Black, white, and pink cowboy outfit with a white cowboy hat that features a K initial in pink on the front

The Purchasable Items

If you would like to sport these outfits, you can purchase them in-game and equip them via the wardrobe. To buy the outfit items, you need to head to the Barbie-themed shop – trust us, it’s not hard to miss. What exactly can be purchased items though?

  • Cowgirl Hat (Barbie) 
  • Cowgirl Outfit (Barbie) 
  • Cowgirl Wrists (Barbie) 
  • Cowboy Hat (Ken) 
  • Cowboy Outfit (Ken)
  • Cowboy Wrists (Ken)
  • Laser Pistol Skin (Pink) 
  • Laser Rail Gun Skin (Pink) 
  • Laster Shotgun Skin (Pink) 
  • Frog Backpack (Pink) 
  • Sweater Scarf (Pink)
  • Chainsaw (Pink)

As you can see above, there are also pink accessories available to buy too! We personally adore the pink skins for the guns – it’s a neat little touch if you don’t fancy obtaining the entire Barbie outfit.

Rec Room Collaborations

As Rec Room is a virtual world, it prides itself on giving players the opportunity to customise their character. While not everyone wants to adorn themselves in hot pink cowboy outfits, it’s a great way to get involved in the Barbie hype. 

Rec Room players can look forward to future collaborations between major franchises. They’ve worked with the NFL and Mattel in the past, opening the door to further exciting projects. 
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