A new game in the Soul Knight series is on the way, promising to bring more chaotic top-down action to our favorite platform. Soul Knight Prequel dropped into pre-registration recently. Not only that, there’s a trailer floating around on an as-yet unlisted YouTube video.

The trailer demonstrates character customization and class selection and showcases some of the enemy types before throwing us straight into the gameplay.

Bigger, Better, Beastlier

As the title might suggest, the events of Soul Knight Prequel take place before the events of the original game. That doesn’t mean it looks older though, Prequel bosts larger enemies, more varied dungeons, and even some 3D assets by the looks of it.

It’s fast, it’s chaotic, it’s full of explosions. It’s also full of loot, which is a must for any proper successor to Soul Knight.

We see some of the battles, with big monsters in a host of different arenas. We also see some of what your heroes get up to outside of dungeon crawling.

You can decorate your character’s own little house, and plant crops in your little garden inhabited by an unsettling-looking scarecrow.

There’s also multiplayer planned with both LAN and online co-op that lets you form a dungeon-diving party with friends both near and far.

Roguelike Chaos

Ever played Soul Knight? If not, you’re missing out on a good time. The free-to-play roguelike is a top-down affair where you venture through a whole assortment of procedurally-generated dungeons, fighting enemies and looking for treasure.

The treasure gives you new weapons to try out, which might improve your chances.. though choose wisely. They’re not always an upgrade. If an enemy wipes you out, that’s your run over, but another run is always just around the corner.

Sound interesting? Pre-registration is open now on Google Play.

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