The Reverse 1999 global beta is on its way, and registration kicks off on the 22nd of July, or tomorrow at the time of writing. The game first released in China back in May this year, so the rest of us will soon get a chance to give it a go.

This announcement came with a new trailer that delves a little into the events of the story. There’s a talking apple, a man with a donkey head who likes flowers, and a woman pulling a large metal spike out of her head. Normal stuff.

Space-Time Issues

So what’s Reverse 1999 all about? The game takes place in an alternate reality where strange things started happening at the turn of the millennium.

On the 31st of December 1999, a storm hit. Not just any storm, The Storm. The rain poured upward, from the ground toward the sky. Time flowed backwards, and the world was catapulted back to an earlier era. Hence the title, Reverse 1999.

The story follows an individual known as the Timekeeper, a young woman named Vertin who is immune to the chaotic ebb and flow of time as she tries to solve the mystery of the backward progression.

Card-Based Battles

So how does it play? Well, we’ve yet to get out hands on it, though the region-locked release previously means we’ve got a glimpse at the nitty-gritty of the battle system.

The battles are card-based, utilizing different characters. A hand of cards pop on screen, and you select ones to play, with each corresponding to a character move.

The sprites are fairly toony and simplified, but the battles look pretty flashy.

Sound like your speed? You can check out the official website for more details, and watch for the Reverse 1999 global beta applications opening up.

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