feature image for our shield hero: rise pre-registration news, the image features promo art for the game of the characters from the franchise standings together and talking, from the left is raphtalia next to naofumi as he holds his hand to his face with a questioning facial expression as they talk to filo whi is pointing to a wooden board on the wall with paper attached

The Shield Hero: Rise pre-registration period is now open! Sign up now to access the game as soon as it launches (the release date is still TBA).

Shield Hero: Rise is a mobile gacha RPG that is based on the hit anime and manga series of an extremely similar name – The Rising Of The Shield Hero. 

For more information about Shield Hero: Rise, visit the game’s official Google Play page, where you can also sign up for the pre-registration!

Shield Hero: Rise Pre-Registration Rewards

It wouldn’t be a pre-registration period for a gacha game if there wasn’t a plethora of milestone rewards. Let’s take a closer look at all of the rewards available for those who pre-register ahead of the game’s launch.

  • 50K – 200 Gold, 1K Silver, 200 Premium Recruitment Order
  • 100K – 300 Gold, 2K Silver, 300 Premium Recruitment Order
  • 300K – 500 Gold, 3K Silver, 500 Premium Recruitment Order

Make sure to sign up during The Shield Hero: Rise pre-registration period so you can obtain these rewards when you log in to the game for the first time!

What is Shield Hero: Rise?

So, what exactly is Shield Hero: Rise, and how does it connect to the original series? The mobile RPG features a wide variety of characters to collect from the show, such as Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo. In fact, each character is voiced by their original voice actors from The Rising of The Shield Hero anime!

Relive your favourite memories on your mobile screen as you delve deeper into the world of the Shield Hero – or Raphtalia’s World if you’ve watched the anime! 

Tactical Combat Inspired By the Anime!

The game itself follows the same storyline as the original but with the exciting addition of strategic combat against the calamity. Utilise your roster of characters as you upgrade their talents and form a squad of powerful units!

While you wait for Shield Hero: Rise to release, you’re probably on the hunt for a new game to tide you over for now! Check out our Best Android Gacha Games guide to find your next favourite gacha.

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