Immutable Games dropped their squad-based fantasy idle RPG Guild of Guardians globally today. This free-to-play game already soft launched in Canada, Australia and Indonesia. It’s set in the world of Elderym, a land torn apart by a corrupting force.

Form A Guild Of Guardians

In Guild of Guardians, you take on the role of valiant heroes known as ‘Guardians.’ The stakes are high as Elderym faces the ominous threat of the Dread. So, you venture into the ruins of once-great cities and fight to bring back the light to Elderym.

In the game, you’ll be crafting powerful items, strategically summoning new heroes and conquering challenging dungeons as you progress. You’ll have many heroes to choose from. Some of the formidable heroes include Remis, the Cryptic Seer, Tikor, the Herald of Violence, Rufus, the Sky Chronicler, Ashwyn, the Crimson Thief, Aria, the Keeper of Mystery and Oxellus, the Curious Eye.

What Makes It Different?

What sets Guild of Guardians apart is its foundation on Immutable zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine). It’s a web3 game and offers you ownership of in-game assets. A feature in the game, Ascension, lets you convert Guardians into NFTs known as Radiant Guardians. You have to spend the Radiant Seals to make them tradable or transferable.

Well, NFTs might not be the hot topic they once were, and no player wants a game to be a hub for trading digital collectibles. So, let’s hope Immutable focuses on what truly hooks regular players. Why don’t you take a look at the game below?

You can check out Guild of Guardians over at the Google Play Store. If you want more details on the game’s NFTs, head over to the official website or follow the game’s official X (Twitter) account.

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