A short forever as only 6 years after being launched, players are now receiving a SEGA Forever End of Service announcement! Back in June of 2017, SEGA announced their inventive idea of SEGA Forever, bringing the iconic classic games you grew up with to your mobile. The app launched with 5 games faithful to their original predecessor, with new releases trickling in every few weeks.

SEGA Forever had amassed a bunch of players digging for nostalgia, or just those who are a fan of the retro genre. With new games being added to the collection as recently as this week! That is until players began receiving a popup message within their downloaded games announcing the end of the service.

End Of Service

The games that were installed onto players’ devices began displaying the message SEGA Forever End of Service, detailing that future support for that game would end. Fortunately, there is still a silver lining as SEGA Forever will maintain its capability to enable players to enjoy the games they’ve collected offline.

Links to external platforms would allow players to learn more about the change, and where to continue playing the titles they have grown to adore. Such as this link right here, nifty!

Please Insert Coin To Continue

So what does this entail for fans of SEGA Forever? By the looks of things, SEGA Forever will stop updating the platform with new games. With those already installed within devices not receiving further updates. Player’s current progress within games will remain however, so long as they continue their save in offline mode. At least you won’t lose your saved data!

SEGA Forever was a smash hit for its controller support. Truly a gaming platform unlike anything else available on the Play Store. Plus it was well equipped with massive titles! This includes some like Sonic, Streets of Rage, and The Revenge Of Shinobi. It’s devastating to see SEGA discontinue an app so unique.

Don’t let the news get you down! Why not check out something more cheery like Elderand? Which we think might be Android’s best Metroidvania.

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