Feature image for our Rogue Ninja classes guide. It shows the overhead map, with the span points for Shark Ninja.

Want to know all about the Rogue Ninja roster? There are several different fighters to try on. Want to know what each of them can do? That’s what our Rogue Ninja classes guide is here for.

Rogue Ninja is out on Roblox. We’ve also got a Rogue Ninja codes guide which should give you the codes to unlock at least one of these.

Rogue Ninja Classes Guide

Here we outline each of the classes and the individual movesets.

Noodle Ninja

Unlocked By Default

Based on Naruto.

  • 1 – Creates a double or multiple doubles and attacks the opponent with them. This move is contextual and can be chained into combos with an uppercut.
  • 2 – Throws a projectile energy shuriken toward your target. Contextual and can be used as a melee strike.
  • Ultimate – Uppercut the enemy into the air, and unleash Kurama, which slams the enemy down and shoots a beam of energy at them, doing massive damage.

Ghost Ninja

Unlocked with 500 Gold.

Based on Madara.

  • 1- Grabs target with a skeletal hand and throws them through the air. At the end of a 4-hit combo this converts to a downward slam, ragdolling the opponent.
  • 2 – Throws a flaming projectile at the target. At the end of a combo, it hits the target with an explosion that throws the target backward.
  • Ultimate – A huge meteor falls from the air onto the target, hitting for massive damage.

Sand Ninja

Unlocked with 500 Gold.

Based on Gaara.

  • 1 – Create a small AOE sandstorm over a target which continues to damage whilst a player is standing under it.
  • 2 – Lock the player into a lump of sand, freezing them in place for a short period.
  • Ultimate – Glide around on the sand to highlight a target area. Hit the Ultimate button again to release Shukaku which will slam down on top of any opponent in the red radius.

Shark Ninja

Unlocked with 500 Gold.

Based on Kisame.

Shark Ninja’s M1 hits also damage Chakra of the target.

  • 1 – Fire multiple watery shark projectiles at the target.
  • 2 – Hop into the ground and swing through it, moving fast before leaping out under the opponent with a guard-breaking strike. You can also use this to move around quickly.
  • Ultimate – Seal opponent in a floating orb of water where they will be repeatedly bitten by sharks.

Rogue Ninja

  • Subscription only, so we’re leaving this one for now.

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