In the most unlikely gacha game spin-off ever, Gearbox is, errr, gearing up to release a mobile entry in the Risk of Rain series. It goes by the subtitle Hostile Worlds, and we know about it thanks to an accidental leak by Gearbox itself. Oops!

The original trailer for Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds dropped on YouTube, but Gearbox was quick to remove it. Fortunately, a Reddit user managed to chuck it up on Streamable for all to watch. You can check that out right here.

Does the Trailer Feature Animation?

Though it kicks off with some animation, there is some actual gameplay in the trailer. It turns out that Hostile Worlds is an isometric shooter like The Ascent but with a heck of a lot more colour. You run around with a variety of weapons, battling enemies.

The gacha system seems to unlock new characters, which you can swap between on the fly. Different characters have alternate weapons and abilities, so you can switch to the most appropriate depending on the situation.

Need a melee specialist? Want to snipe from a distance? Need to clear a horde? There’s a hero for each situation. The trailer shows off the gacha system in detail, too, aside from how much a pull costs. We do see a bunch of different characters you can unlock too.

What’s the Goal of Risk of Rain: Hostile Worlds?

The goal of Hostile Worlds seems to be to not only survive against hordes of enemies, but to collect as many dollars as possible. Could you spend those on the gacha system? Unlikely. How else does Gearbox bleed you dry?!

The trailer ends with details of a pre-registration campaign, which unlocks the Mercenary hero at launch. The official website is also kind of live? You can see the bones of it here.

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