feature image for our reverse: 1999 qol news, the image features promo art for the game during the recent Regulus soundtrack posted on youtube, it features a character from the game sat on a banister on a ship as she looks out to the ocean while wearing sunglasses, there is a floating apple next to her that is wearing a shirt and bow

Reverse: 1999 is just a couple of weeks away from its exciting global launch, and with it comes a bunch of new QoL changes. In Volume 2 of Devs in the Suitcase (the game’s version of developer notes!), they list each and every improvement implemented into the game ahead of launch. 

For more information about Reverse: 1999, you can visit the official website or pre-register now on the game’s Google Play page.

Starter Tutorial QoL Improvements

I’ll make sure to condense each section of changes into the best highlights from Volume 2. Firstly, Devs in the Suitcase covers the starter tutorial QoL improvements:

  • Each chapter during the Prologue will have a skip feature – with a chapter summary!
  • Battle Speed is now available at an earlier stage (1ST-01)
  • The mandatory tutorial is now shorter, allowing you to explore the game after clearing 1ST-01

The Reverse: 1999 QoL improvements above mean that rerolling at the start of the game is much easier and quicker now, helping you to save time if you need to reroll.

PC Client QoL Changes

Many players have given feedback after taking part in the CBT for the PC version of Reverse: 1999. The development team has taken this into consideration and has made a ton of improvements for those who wish to play via the PC client. 

  • You can adjust the graphical settings and resolution when launching the PC version
  • Buttons for Settings and Exit are now available on the login page
  • Right-click skill cards and enemies to view their details – this can be done in the combat screen and item selection screen


In other Reverse: 1999 news, there’s a brand-new song out to promote the game. “ReReReRegulus!” is composed by Adam Gubman, who has also worked with Arknights. 

Players are speculating that the video was released yesterday due to it being John Lennon’s birthday. It may sound like a reach, but with the game focusing heavily on historical themes and time travel, it wouldn’t be surprising if this was the case.

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