Rolling for characters is basically the entire point of Reverse 1999. You need a strong party to tackle the various battles you will encounter during the game, and the only way to get heroes is to pull for them. Given that rolling typically costs a lot of money, you probably want to know all of the ways you can get Reverse 1999 free summons. Well, that’s what I’m going to help you with in this guide.

Reverse 1999 is a time-hopping gacha RPG that sees you travel through the various different decades of the 20th century. Along the way, you will recruit heroes that you can add to your party, battling against various enemies along the way. You can level up your party, utilise special abilities to turn the tide, and loot new gear to help them grow in power.

You can grab Reverse 1999 on Google Play. We’ve also put together a Reverse 1999 6 star characters guide, if you want to know who the best of the best are.

How do I Get Reverse 1999 Free Summons?

Now, let’s take a look at all of the different methods you can perform to get free pulls in Reverse 1999.

Collect Your Pre-Registration Rewards

The first step, and possibly the most lucrative, is to collect your Reverse 1999 pre-registration rewards. I’ve put together a complete guide on what these are and how to get them, so click on the link to learn more.

Do Your Dailies

The next step is to complete your dailies. Every single day, Reverse 1999 provides you with new missions that you can complete for additional rewards, and these can include the currency you use to pull for characters.

You might not get enough each day for a free pull, but they quickly add up. Do them every day and you will regularly get free summons.

Complete Missions

This tip effectively invites you to “play the game”. That might be obvious, but you get rewards for completing missions, achievements, and any other task you encountr in Reverse 1999. If you focus directly on completing these, you will get showered with rewards.

Again, the rewards are more of a drip-feed than a lucrative free roll each time you complete them, but they quickly add up.

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