It’s an interesting week for controller-users. REDMAGIC dropped the Shadow Blade GamePad 2. Now, I know we all love our mobile gaming, but let’s face it – sometimes, those touch controls just don’t cut it. 

With customizable back triggers and a swappable gamepad shell, you can give your controller a touch of uniqueness. Swap out the gamepad shell with magnetic attachments, and boom, it’s like giving your controller a personality makeover. Handy if you like your layout just so.

No Lag, All Fun

Now, let’s talk tech. The adjustable Type-C port is like a chameleon, adapting to different phone sizes (110 to 185mm, to be precise) – a 3.3% increase from its predecessors. 

The custom back triggers, allowing for up to 20 key positions, add a layer of personalization. Are you worried about lag ruining your kill streak? Fear not, because red magic promises zero latency. And those Hall Linear Triggers? They’re here to eliminate stick drift – a real game-changer for intense gamers. 

No one likes lag during an intense gaming session, and the Shadow Blade GamePad 2 ensures zero latency with its wired connection via the Type-C port. The hall linear triggers are designed to eliminate stick drift, hopefully giving greater control in-game.

Have you ever had your gaming session interrupted by a low battery warning? REDMAGIC has you covered. The Shadow Blade GamePad 2 allows you to charge your device while gaming, which is handy if you’re midway through something important.

With 256 change layers and a minimal response interval of less than 0.1mm, you can precisely navigate your virtual worlds. The ALPS left stick, cross buttons, and other features on the front, along with the hall linear triggers at the back, create a well-rounded gaming controller.

Global Availability and Pricing Details

Let’s talk numbers. It’s $94.90 in the US/Canada, €94.90 ($103) in the EU, £79.90 ($101) in the UK, SGD 129.90 ($94) in Singapore, and 1,969 Pesos ($114) in Mexico.

The REDMAGIC Shadow Blade GamePad 2 isn’t claiming to be the second coming, but it’s a solid upgrade for us mobile gamers. Available globally on REDMAGIC’s official website.
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