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Want to net a legendary fish? No, literally its rarity is Legendary. Our Rainbow Parrotfish Fishing Simulator guide is here to detail everything you need to know about this rare catch.

Fishing Simulator is a Roblox game where you’ve got the ocean and a trusty rod to make a fortune. Catch fish and sell them to buy upgrades and advance your gear. Explore the island and the seas around it, look for secrets. It is a game where you master the skill of fishing and build your fortune. You’ll use a simple fishing system when you keep your marker in the green until the fish is reeled in. Take the fish, sell them, and improve your gear.

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Rainbow Parrotfish Fishing Simulator Guide

Here we’ll try and cover everything you need to know. First a little about the fish itself and why you might be interested in it. Then we’ll cover all you need to know about catching it.

About The Rainbow Parrotfish

The Rainbow Parrotfish is a Legendary fish. It can be sold for around 250-300 Coins, and it also essential to complete the quest ‘The Rainbow Warrior’ for Raygan.

You can catch it in its own vivid coloring, though two other variations exist. There’s the pale Albino and the shimmering golden Midas varieties.

How To Catch The Rainbow Parrotfish

So what’s the trick to catching this colorful creature? There isn’t one, not really. Head out into the Ocean anywhere around the Archipelago when the skies are clear and try your luck. You don’t need any special baits unless the weather is foul. If it is, the Portable Sun might come in handy. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait until things clear a little before you go.

Keep in mind it’s not very common, so you might need to be persistent in your approach.

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