Who gave the puppygirl a gun? Trickcal announces its first-ever event “Butter Meltdown” after 2 years of being launched! After one of the worst launches in gacha history, this comeback is all but deserved for this rather whimsical gacha.

Introduced by EPID Games, Trickcal had a massively anticipated launch due to its unique chibi-esque style paired with textured lineart that really drives into the cute factor. This alongside a fantastic storyline really got the player base going barking mad!

Butter Meltdown!

So what is the Trickcal Butter Meltdown event? Well, beloved puppy girl Butter has led a life being forced to do everybody else’s chores, until one day she simply couldn’t take it anymore! When yapping and teeth aren’t enough, get a gun! Butter becomes the antagonist of this event as she patrols with a gun, whilst other characters from the game try to prevent Butter from harming anyone.

Cute characters, chubby cheeks, and simple gameplay. Trickcal is a brilliantly casual gacha with elements of strategy as you drag and drop the characters onto the battlegrounds. The characters you meet within this tale are exceptionally unique, with a variety of species, races, and of course, the dog with a gun.

The Tail Of Trickcal

The original story takes you through a lush forest with your dog on a walk unlike any other. Your dog gets distracted by a mysterious force which soon draws you both into a portal. Awoken in the Elias Forest you meet Erpin the fairy.

You immediately know you’re no longer at home, and seek help to get back. Tasked with helping find ancient books across these magical lands in return for passage home, you then set off to recruit a team and defeat any evil!

Dig Up More!

Ok, I’ll stop with the dog puns… You can check out Trickcal on the official website here for more information and lore! This game isn’t out for global release, YET… So in the meantime why not check out some of our other news such as Dead Cells: Netflix Edition Here For Halloween!

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