Trying to take the Quincy quiz but struggling to get the questions right? Well, my Project Mugetsu Quincy quiz answers list is here to help. In this guide, I round up all of the possible questions, including the answers, to help you pass this difficult challenge. I’ll also update it with any new questions we discover, or when further new questions are added to the game.

Project Mugetsu is a Bleach-inspired Roblox game that sees you take on the role of a Shinigami, Hollow, or, of course, Quincy. You then battle other players and enemies as you strive to improve your power, unlocking new abilities along the way. You can join a clan, team up with your friends, and master a complex battling system.

Grab Project Mugetsu on Roblox via Google Play. If you’re looking for more assistance, check out our Project Mugetsu Zaraki guide, Project Mugetsu Thomeaux, and Project Mugetsu Hisagi.

Project Mugetsu Quincy Quiz Answers List

Now, let’s crack on with these quiz answers. Bear in mind that you have to answer eight of the following questions, and they’re random each time. The question may also appear differently to the format below, but it should be clear enough.

What’s Kisuke’s Urahara Shop Number?

Answer: 13

What’s Litto’s Hair Colour?

Answer: Blonde

What’s Yachiru’s Shikai?

Answer: Hollow Consumption

What’s Aizen’s Bankai?

Answer: Unknown

What’s Zanpakuto’s Cheetah Form?

Answer: Soifan

Where is the Yoroichi Division for Research?

Answer: Omitskido

What Does Wandenreich Mean in English?

Answer: Invisible Empire

Who is Nel’s Full Form?

Answer: Gamuza

Who is the Second Division Captain?

Answer: Third Option

Who is the 12th Division Captain?

Answer: Mayuri

What’s Chad’s Full Name?

Answer: Yasutora Sado

Who is the Successor of Espada Can’t Fear Own Shadow?

Answer: Hikone

Who Was Present During the First Quincy Raid?

Answer: Robert

Who Created the Mod Soul?

Answer: Kisuke

Who Did Tosen Fight?

Answer: Kazeshini

What Disease Leads to Hollow Absorb?

Answer: Mes Syndrome

What’s Yoruichi’s Alias During the Arrancar Arc?

Answer: Black Flash

What’s Aizen’s Goal?

Answer: To Overthrow the Soul King

What is Yhwacha’s Three?

Answer: See All Future

What’s Quincy’s Holy Form?

Answer: Vollstandig

Which Fullbring Does Girko Own?

Answer: Time Tells No Lies

Who Was the First Captain?

Answer: Ukitake

What’s Kempachi’s Shikai?

Answer: Anzes

What’s the Tier Harribel Light Novel?

Answer: Apachi

What’s Llargo’s Res?

Answer: Anything the Eye Sees

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