Emulation fans, you’ll be glad to know that touchHLE is now available for Android users, allowing you to play iOS games on Android devices. However, only AArch64 devices are compatible with the software at the moment. 

For more information about touchHLE, you can visit the official GitHub page or the touchHLE website. You can also download the emulation software via both websites!

New Games Added

Firstly, let’s go over the latest apps that are now supported on touchHLE. Mystery Mania, Fastlane Street Racing, Wolfenstein 3D, and original titles by Donut Games are just a few examples of what you can now access via the software.

As touchHLE’s Android support is brand-new, there are 3 titles that are already available prior to this release. Fancy a game of Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D or maybe a session on the iconic classic, Super Monkey Ball? Yoshi’s Touch & Go adventure is also on offer for touchHLE users.

There’s also a brand-new fullscreen option (–fullscreen) to choose from when playing games, instead of the usual windowed mode – the former supports upscaling and downscaling too!

Controller Support 

If you’re not familiar with touchHLE, the developers’ are keen to keep on top of updates and fixes to streamline the emulation experience for all users. Devices with a built-in accelerometer are supported by touchHLE’s accelerometer input if you plan to play a game without a controller. 

If you opt for a game controller when using touchHLE, you can now map a button on said controller to the touch screen on your device of choice, thanks to the –button-to-touch= option. Some games will already have default button mapping to help you save time, but you can easily remap these if you wish to do so – here’s one for you Primal!

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