With the closed BETA tests ending only a few weeks ago for Phantom Blade: Executioners Ignition. We now only have the official release date to look forward to! Which, I am eagerly happy to announce will be launching later this year on November 2nd! Plus, we get some more teasers with a brand-new trailer released only a few hours ago.

Unleash Your Inner Phantom

Phantom Blade: Executioners Ignition is a stunning fast-paced ARPG. Immerse yourself within the rich lore of bloody vengeance and love, all perfectly entwined within the painted-esque visuals. This brutal tale invites you to uncover the darkest mysteries as you progress and learn more about the interesting and diverse characters.

Not only is the story cynical and addictive, but the battle sequences are truly exciting. You get to meet some intense enemies with unique abilities and designs. In its basic essence, Phantom Blade: EI is a sidescroller fighting game.

As you progress through the game you’ll soon discover that Phantom Blade isn’t a typical gacha. Plus, you can unlock and upgrade powerful skills, as well as craft and collect gear that you can use to create your own custom chains in pairing with your unique skills.

So onto the actual gacha part of the game. I did say it isn’t your typical! Your pulls will be phantoms that can attach to your skills which grant you passive and active bonuses. I personally find this to be a refreshing take on the gacha genre, rather than locking characters behind pulls that are never guaranteed, prompting microtransactions.

Phantom Blade: Executioners Ignition will also go live with a CO-OP mode both regular and AI. Meaning this game allows you to play with friends, or go online against bots instead. With so many ways to enjoy this game and a harmonious mismatch of genres, it’s quite exciting to think this release is only a little over a month away.

Where Vengeance Begins

Phantom Blade will be released on all major platforms, and the pre-registration for it is live on the Play Store right now! Psst, it’ll also have partial controller support! Woo hoo!

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