Destiny Child! Like the band? No, Like Destiny Child Memorial, which is finally out now! I came across the announcement on the Gacha Gaming SubReddit which announced that DC Memorial is finally out. This doesn’t tease too many details of the game, other than it’s finally back!

The global release is finally here for Destiny Child Memorial, which is ever so bittersweet after the incomplete story and shutdown of the original Destiny Child mobile game. The MC even got a glow-up too, so hopefully, that’s an ongoing trend for this new launch!

“Say My Name!” Wait, Wrong Destiny Child Again

Destiny Child is alluring for its mesmerizing artwork and gorgeous characters which you can collect. The visually stunning characters come to life with a wide variety of outfits to collect and style them in. You can awaken and evolve your team by connecting with these stylish and unique characters in engaging and calculated battles.

The characters in the game not only have stunning outfits and fascinating lore. Their unique voices help to truly immerse you into the plot (Which is fantastic by the way!). You can listen to their dialogue during the strategic dungeon battles where you can carefully plan your strategy to utilize each character’s unique skill.

There is much more gameplay to enjoy, as Destiny Child Memorial invites you back into the PvP arena. Battle other real-world players to determine your strength and prove your worth. Climb the leaderboard and be the ultimate card collector!

Finally, you can join in on the highly coveted Raid Seasons which are only available for a limited time, and receive generous rewards upon completion of the final stage. Ascend the raid leaderboard and show off your skills to the other participants.

Check Out The Game!

Destiny Child Memorial will hopefully conclude the story in this rerun too, will we finally see MC get his memories back? Find out for yourself by downloading Destiny Child Memorial from the Play Store!

Hey, why not check out Project Mugen’s New Trailer? This game also looks brilliant and is for sure something to look forward to! Plus, you can pre-register.

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