A high stakes stand-off involving The Battle Cats developer PONOS Corporation and a criminal gang dubbed The OutCats has come to an end.

PONOS announced the truce in an official statement, published on the company’s social media channels on November 24th.

Last week, The OutCats stole 100 million cans of Cat Food from a warehouse owned by PONOS, before posting a ransom video on the studio’s own hijacked social media channels.

In the video, The OutCats revealed themselves to be a syndicate of rejects deemed unworthy to join The Battle Cats when the game launched in 2014. They pledged to give away 999 cans of Cat Food to every player who logged in to the game.

Their key ransom demand was to be inducted into The Battle Cats.

While the individual identities of The OutCats were shrouded in mystery at the time of the attack, we can now reveal that they are Trash Cat, Sick Cat, and Stealth Cat.

As a result of negotiations between PONOS and The OutCats, just one of these criminal rejects will be added to the game in spring 2024 following a public vote. Players will be able to cast a vote for their favourite OutCat until December 3rd. 

PONOS has also released old audition tapes from Trash Cat, Sick Cat, and Stealth Cat to the studio’s YouTube account, allowing the gaming public to evaluate each candidate. 

Visit the official PONOS YouTube site to check them out. Or watch it below!

Meanwhile, The OutCats have agreed to distribute its stolen contraband among voters, nine of whom will be chosen at random to receive an extra 9,999 Cat Food. 

To place your vote, simply open The Battle Cats and purchase a Rare Cat Ticket from one of the three candidates before the polls close. Make sure you download The Battle Cats on Android or iOS first though!

Read PONOS’s statement here.

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