Path To Nowhere has announced their latest event Floral Unfurl, which will launch on October 27th! The trailer for this upcoming event was enchanted with stunning visuals and a fantastic catchy song that has really got players excited!

Floral Unfurl

At an impressive 3 minutes long, this trailer almost plays out like a music video. Well, for the first minute anyway, as the video slideshows between gorgeous illustrations of the characters from Path To Nowhere Floral Unfurl. Following this, we see in-game footage of new units dropping in this update! Clips of battle scenes are shown before they say a fully voice-acted catchphrase, with their game art, star rarity, and name are shown.

Introducing the newest interrogations. Shalom the elegant reticile user, Coquelic the morbid catalyst user, and Christina the axe-wielding detective. Plus, plenty more new faces to meet. Each new unit includes brand-new attire to obtain, which looks lovely out on the battlefield. My personal favourite is Tetra! (I’m a sucker for smart wear, and her suit looks incredible!).

This, plus so much more! This update spoils the players with plenty to do such as take on new battlefields. Immerse in all new plot lines, and of course the murder mystery element…

New Gameplay

Unnerving scenes captured through a camera lens task you to determine different truths in all new quests. Such as a corpse littered with red petals in a malicious attempt to decorate the murder scene. Path To Nowhere is known for its incredible storytelling and dynamic characters. This gacha dares to be different from the rest, and players unite in agreement that it certainly is!

And A Little Sypnosis On Old Gameplay!

If you aren’t familiar with Path To Nowhere you’ll need a little more convincing to plat than just the update! You can solve cases and strategize your next moves in this tower-defense RPG. Detaining powerful sinners, and aim to survive the unfolding of the apocalypse, that has mutated organic life into unimaginable terrors. Path To Nowhere takes all you know about the gacha franchises and infuses it with something entirely new, and addicting!

You can check out Path to Nowhere on the Play Store. Be sure to get in on the action early so you can take full advantage of the event! Whilst you wait for Floral Unfurl to release why not check out some of our other news? Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Wotv Stageplay Set for February 2024!

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