News about the sequel to the AYN Odin exploded today, as news arrived that the Hong Kong-based tech company had released all kinds of new information on the sequel to their Android handheld, aptly named the AYN Odin 2.

The official Discord lit up with all new information on the upcoming handheld, as well as a link to an upcoming crowdfunding campaign for the device.

The Cold Hard Specs

If you’re into your Android handhelds, then you probably know about the AYN Odin. If you don’t, try thinking of it as the Steam Deck of the Android world.

The current retail models of the original Odin, boast a Qualcomm Snapdragon SD845, and Adreno 630 GP, and either 4GB or 8GB LPDDR4x, depending on whether you opt for the Base or Pro models respectively. Both with a 6600mAh battery.

More recently, AYN released the Loki, a device with Windows 10 and Ubuntu support, though the Loki is a very different beast to the Odin, and priced accordingly at $579 for the base model.

The Odin 2 goes bigger than the Odin, with a Snapdragon 8GEN2 CPU confirmed, with a minimum of 8GB RAM for the Base, up all the way to 16GB for the Max model. Fortunately, with that kind of hardware, the battery got a bump too, with 8000 mAh expected.

So, What Does It Cost?

While it’s higher spec, it stays cheaper than the base model Loki. The announcement also came with a list of prices for the three models.

  • Base 128GB $339.00 (Early Bird $299.00)
  • Pro 256GB $439.00 (Early Bird $369.00)
  • Max 512GB $499.00 (Early Bird $449.00)

The campaign is set to launch August 22nd.

Interested in backing the crowdfunding campaign for a special Early Bird price on pre-ordering the device? You can check out the Indiegogo page and sign up for a notification when it goes live.

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