The Arknights 4.5 anniversary is nearly here, and there’s new content to celebrate. There’s more story content to take a look at, and from what we can tell.. it’s going to get weird.

Arknights set out to ring in four and a half years since its Chinese release, which is nothing to sniff at in the world of gacha gaming. We’ve seen plenty of seemingly-hyped titles rise and fall over that time, so we don’t begrudge Arknights awarding themselves a victory lap.

A New Promo Animation

With this occasion comes a new side story, Zwillingstürme Herbst, and to introduce it there’s an all-new exquisitely-animated promotional video to feast your eyes on.

The video features some familiar faces fans might recognize and starts off visually impressive. It soon takes a turn for the surreal. That is some MC Escher stairs madness, people swapping places, multiple reflections of one character.. even a bit of a jumpscare. Don’t get spooked.

We can’t say for certain when the new story will hit the global version, assuming it does make the transition. The Arknights 4.5 anniversary of the global version is nearly a year away, so you might have a bit of time to wait if you’re not on the Chinese version.

Hold The Line

Never played Arknights? The game is structured more or less like a tower defense. You place your chosen characters from your squad in certain sections along a path. Enemies advance through the area and get into the attack path of your units. (Hopefully, anyway.)

Characters might pelt their opponents with projectiles from far away, or go toe-to-toe with the baddies. Either way the objective is to stop any of the attackers reaching the other side of the arena. If they do that then it’s bad news for you.

Sound like your sort of thing? You can check out Arknights now via its Google Play listing.

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