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Unsure which heroes are the best units for your team? We have crafted an Anime Dungeon Fighters Tier List to help you out! Our tier ranks all the heroes in this Roblox game so you can enjoy the most OP of teams!

Anime Dungeons Fighters lets you choose your own anime-inspired profession and head into dungeons donning the unique abilities of your favourite characters. You can upgrade, fight and thrive! Can you become the strongest anime character on the server?

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Anime Dungeon Fighters Tier List

Onto the rankings! Don’t forget that tier lists are partially subjective on our part. We craft our tiers based on personal experience, player feedback and external sources to try and get a widely accepted tier list. That said you may not agree and that’s alright! We hope our tier list was at least a little bit helpful, however.


OP! These heroes are strong A… F-antastic fighters! You have the most perfectly crafted team in the making with these heroes on your side.


Strong but not the best. These heroes may find themselves on your team permanently since they are tough, they’re just not the best.


Characters in this rank are average performers. They offer a few niche uses but aren’t equipped enough to be considered a high-ranking hero.

  • Usoppu
  • Sakura
  • Kiiba
  • Tanjurou
  • Nezuke


These units are below average and more on the weaker side. They’re okay if you’re a beginner but don’t settle for less!


You may as well go solo rather than choose to fight with these characters!

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