It’s the time of the year again for scares! Wait… October was a while ago now, so why is this news Halloween-themed? Well, Reverse 1999 1.2 is going down the horror route, and I’m all here for it.

For more information about Reverse 1999, you can visit the game’s official website or download it on Google Play!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Reverse 1999 1.2 trailer is a really cool cinematic that truly does ramp up the hype for the next update. Starting off with a scene inspired by the Halloween series, with a supposed Michael Myers-esque villain on the prowl.

1.2 is aptly named, ‘A Nightmare at Green Lake’, which is an obvious nod to the famous Nightmare on Elm Street films. The overarching storyline for the event seems to revolve around a similar premise to the Halloween franchise – a little late to the party seen as how it’s now December.

Horrifyingly New Characters

Plus, there’s the new character, Blonney who is clearly inspired by the ‘final girl’ of horror flicks from the 80s. As well as the addition of Blonney, we’ve also got Horropedia, a guy who seems to surround himself with horror stories at all times – whether he’s reading them or telling them.

Tooth Fairy is also finally coming to the game, which a lot of players have been waiting for. Apart from Blonney, I think she’s my favourite new character, purely because I’m quite intrigued about her backstory. And lastly, we have Jessica, a gentle centaur!

Hauntingly Beautiful New Outfits

On top of that, there are new outfits available. With Sotheby getting a lovely blue dress, X turning into Ghost Face, and Bkornblume getting a cool formal outfit that almost looks like smart office attire.

Tooth Fairy and Jessica are getting character stories, providing us with a deep dive into their lore, and pletny of new events that offer up a ton of free rewards, such as A Tooth for a Tooth and Camping Safety Guide.

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