featured image for our news on Mariachis and Dwarfs. It features the king, who looks a bit like Stoick the Vast from How to train your dragon. He has a red beard and is wearing a typical viking headgear with horns. In front of him are three little paperdoll army.

Drakkar TI has released a new vibrant idle adventure Mariachis and Dwarfs. As Mexican as it sounds, it’s made in Mexico but not set in Mexico. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less emocionante! The game puts your managerial prowess to the test in a mine bustling with blacksmith dwarfs and lively mariachi.

What Do You Do In The Game?

Build your kingdom while fending off any threats that come your way. In Mariachis and Dwarfs, it’s all about expansion. You’ll be crafting a ton of items to fortify your kingdom’s prosperity. Beef up your forge to take on new territories and manage the ins and outs of your kingdom to rake in all sorts of tools and weapons.

Hire some craftsmen to level up your workshop and explore the lands around you. And encounter some epic battles as you conquer new turf. All in all, your aim is to make your business bigger and earn more money to become the best blacksmith in the kingdom!

The game is currently available in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Want to check out the trailer? Catch it right here!

Who Are The Mariachis And Dwarfs?

In case you don’t know, Mariachi is a traditional style of Mexican music under the genre ranchera. It’s been around forever, like since way back in the 1700s. Now, in the game, you can hire such mariachis to lend you a hand while soothing your ears with some Mexican folk music. The dwarves, on the other hand, are proficient workers who are all hard work.

Mariachis and Dwarfs is now up for grabs on Google Play Store. It’s free to play with some in-app purchases. Hit up their official website for all the latest updates.

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