An official statement from Project Moon dropped today, discussing their plans for the future of both its first foray into gacha, and other projects on the way.

Project Moon, developer of Limbus Company, Lobotomy Corporation, and Library of Ruina is celebrating its seventh anniversary, though released a statement apologizing for not having anything bombastic planned for the event. Typical Project Moon.

What the statements did reveal was the plans for the future, and there is no shortage. First was the question of time in the Limbus Company new content cycle. Kim Jihoon expressed concern that there were too many gaps in between new content releases. A lot of this was apparently down to the logistical challenges with recording fully-voiced dialogue.

Fewer Voices, More Content?

For the sake of getting more content to the player base, Jihoon confirmed that the upcoming Detour Tales will add new stories and content, but will not include voice acting for all the dialogue.

As a trade-off, it means considerably more playable content with each release. The voices aren’t completely gone, though. The main story events will continue with full voice acting.

The statement went on to outline upcoming content, though without defined dates for the release, as concrete numbers aren’t solid right now.

More Limbus Company Now, Something New Later?

Up next is the Chapter 5 story update. Then it’s time for Mirror Dungeon #3. There’s the hilariously festive ‘Miracle In District 20’ on the way, hopefully in time for Christmas, followed by Refraction Railway Line 3, and the much less cheery-sounding ‘Yield My Flesh To Claim Their Bones’. Charming. This is all before Chapter Six touches down.

The final statement confirmed that Project Moon is currently fully focused on producing Limbus Company, however, they also allude to exciting plans far in the future. Such as the desire the “develop a 3D single-player game”.

Given that Project Moon is clear that it will not work on more than one project at a time, this is a way off and Limbus Company content will be the mainstay for the immediate future. This news may reassure fans worried about the abrupt EOS notices that plague the gacha genre.

We can’t help but look ahead to the possibilities though, especially with the studio’s move toward releasing for Android. We’d love to see more from Project Moon on the platform.

Want to try Limbus Company out? It’s available for free now via Google Play.

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