the image shows the gojo boss facing the viewer. He has his blindfold on and his white hair is down rather than up

We at DG are blessed to share with you our pick for Legends Rewritten Best Blessing. Our pick can help you feel truly blessed in your matchups as you’ll be storming the world knowing you’re OP! So without further ado, let’s get into our choice for the Best Blessing!

Legends Rewritten lets you fight enemies using a ton of fun anime-inspired abilities and weaponry. Invite friends to raid with you and watch as you climb the ranks upgrading your skills until you are… Well, legendary! Explore the vast map and mine ores to unlock even more armour and weapons.

Check out Legends Rewritten over on Roblox! We also have a Legends Rewritten Blessings Tier List. Fancy trying something new? Check out our Nightmare Elemental Complete Shackled Guide.

Legends Rewritten Best Blessing

The best blessing is entirely down to your playstyle and preference. That said, we do have an idea of what the BEST BLESSING truly is based on player feedback and stats of the Blessing.

Six Eyes

Our pick for the Best Blessing is the Six Eyes Blessing. This of course is inspired by Gojo from JJK, which I am a huge fan of. But not only that, this Blessing is absolutely STACKED with buffs. As mentioned you may not agree which is OK! Our pick is based mostly on our own experience with some overall feedback statistics.


  • Buff [30-second cooldown] – The user receives an 85% Magic DMG boost, and the Mana cost is reduced to 1/8th of its usual value.
  • This blessing is also required for the second half of the Limitless artefact/magic. Limitless is dropped by the Limitless Sorcerer (Gojo Satoru) Boss. With the Six Eyes Blessing you can perform attacks during Infinite Void and the stun duration is increased.

Will Our Best Blessing Change?

Maybe! For the short answer. The expansive answer is that if the game adds a new Blessing that performs better than our current pick then yes! That or if an update rolls out that nerfs our pick and puts an existing Blessing on top in terms of performance then to maintain accuracy we will update this guide.

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