Feature image for our Legacy Piece codes guide. It shows a fishman player character pulling a very derpy face.

There’s a whole wide world to explore in Legacy Piece, but if you want to do that then you need resources. You might also want to reroll a few of the randomized elements of your characters. Who wants to part with Robux for that when you don’t need to, right? Fortunately, there are easy bonuses up for grabs in the form of Legacy Piece codes, little lines of text you enter in-game to redeem handy little rewards, straight from the developer!

Legacy Piece is free to play on Roblox. We’ve got a Legacy Piece Races guide ready to read too, if you’re eager to use your free rerolls right away.

Legacy Piece Codes Guide

Now, first we’ll cover the codes themselves, and then we’ll go into how you can redeem them in-game, if you don’t know the process. Obviously, you can skip that part if you do!

Working Codes

Codes are released by the game’s developers, and often have a limited lifespan, expiring after a while. We’ll try and throw out any codes that have gone stale when we update.

  • CHUCHUBLESSES – 900 Second EXP Booster, 900 Second Master Booster, Race Reroll Spins, Cash, XP (New!)
  • 10KLIKES – 5 Race Reroll Spins, Cash, XP
  • 500KVISITS – 5 Race Reroll Spins, Cash, XP
  • Release – 2 Race Reroll Spins, 25 XP

We’ve tested all these and determined they’re working… and getting all that free stuff didn’t hurt either.

How To Redeem Codes

Want to know what to do with the codes above? No worries. We’ve detailed the exact process for it below!

  • Open Legacy Piece.
  • Hit ‘Play’ to load into the main game.
  • Once inside, open the menu. The default key is M.
  • In the menu hit ‘Settings’, the icon is a gear wheel.
  • There’s a text box at the bottom of the Settings. Enter the codes into the box here.
  • Hit the Submit button. If the code is right your character should flash with energy and your rewards should be listed on the screen.

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