The Blue Archive anniversary is here. The gacha RPG celebrates the two-year of its English version this month, and the Part 1 Final Episode is nearly upon us. A tear-jerking promotional video is live. It’s happening.

All ready to go we have Operation Recapture Schale. The general student council has uncovered anomalies in Kivotos. Rin kicks off an Emergency Response Committee as events descend into chaos. The stakes are high.

New Content Tomorrow

Coming on the 25th, there’s a World Raid, Operational Plan: Nisir’s Summit, the details of which are still fairly sparse. Guess we’ll find out more tomorrow.

There’s a ton of other stuff coming tomorrow too. The max level rises to 85. There are new unique items for Junko, Neru, Shiroko, and Shizumi, new Stage L commissions, a Pyroxene Pack reset, Abydos classroom furniture, and a final episode login bonus.

If you head over to the event site, there’s a cute little puzzle game where you match up images and dialogue from game scenes. If you’re right, you’ll get an Event Coupon for your trouble.

Blue Archive is a strategy RPG, set in the academy city of Kivotos. You step into the shoes of an advisor for the Federal Investigation Club, Schale. Shortly after your appointment, the Student Council president disappears, throwing the city into anarchy.

Senseis And Shoot-Outs

It’s up to you to try and restore some order by commanding a squad of students in combat.

The battles are strategic, real-time fights with small 3D chibi characters armed with firearms, and sometimes entire tanks. You direct your squad as they advance through a level and try to clear out enemies in their path.

That’s not all though. Interaction with the colorful cast of characters is a major part of the game, and the choices you make in how you treat them may have huge impacts on the story.

If you’re not on the Blue Archive anniversary train yet but it sounds interesting to you, the game is here on Google Play.

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