A new trailer just dropped for an upcoming Kingdom Heart mobile game, with the full 3D graphical treatment. Whatsmore, if you’re a gamer in the UK or Australia, you’ve got the opportunity to sign up to the game’s closed beta and try it out before just about anyone else. Kingdom Hearts Missing Link brings back the iconic series, but this time it comes to us in an unexpected way.

The game is a GPS RPG. Yes, a bit like Pokémon Go. Well, maybe. You’ll see below.

Heartless Causing Trouble Again

Square Enix has been pretty light on the details, though from the footage in the trailer, we can pick up a little of what you might be doing moment to moment in Missing Link.

You walk around a strange city, fight Heartless, and collect goodies along the way.

There are icons featuring certain well-known Disney characters, and according to the trailer ‘Collect characters pieces imbued with powers.’ So, the character figures shown presumably help you along with your fights in some capacity.

Pokémon… Stay?

The GPS aspect of the Kingdom Hearts Missing Link, the GPS ARPG is a little more mysterious.

The overworld map looks a lot like a Pokémon Go map, with a character in a location and a radius around them. However, those views show the main character running right up a building which.. we hope wouldn’t directly translate to the real world.

In addition, the trailer shows the player zooming out to a world map, with the message ‘Travel The World Without Leaving Your House’. You’d think that was the opposite of what the average GPS game involves, so we’re a little curious about how this is planned to function.

We’re sure it will all become clear nearer the time. This is especially true as the beta test draws closer. If you want to apply, you’ll need to submit your application via the official website before November 19th. Best of luck!

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