Feature image for our Katana ZERO and Death's Door news piece. It shows a Katana ZERO screenshot of combat.

Two new titles her set to hit the Android platform very soon via Netflix. As part of the streaming service’s Geeked Week, Death’s Door and Katana ZERO marked down as coming soon.

Netflix has been a blessing to Android users this year. A mixed one, maybe, though it’s hard not to take pleasure in the number of excellent titles the platform has received this year courtesy of the streaming service. (Though I’m sure some players don’t have the highest opinion of the subscription model, it might be a lesser evil than excessive in-app purchases.

Quality Games

The new titles we are getting don’t quite make up for our devastating news that we won’t get Hades on Android, but at least it’s some consolation.

Death’s Door is a game where you take on the role of an adorable little death omen just trying to meet his quota. You are a crow charged with reaping the souls of the recently departed. Unfortunately, one of the souls on your list is very averse to passing on, and that becomes your problem.

You travel to a world beyond death, with the natural order completely distorted to bring back you target. You may need to get your hands… or at least your wings, dirty in the process.

Katana ZERO is a is grungy noir platformer where life hits you fast and death hits you even faster. You need to use all your skill and cunning to navigate a bleak and dangerous world and escape alive.. if not always unaffected.

The combat is brutal, the story is sad. It’s an intense experience all round.

Sound interesting? Keep an eye on the Netflix Google Play page to see what pops up.

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