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Want to know what kind of person your character in Jujutsu Chronicles really is? We have all the answers. Our Jujutsu Chronicles personal traits guide goes over all the personal traits and what bonuses they get you.

Jujutsu Chronicles is an experience on the Roblox platform, inspired by the hit anime and manga Jujutsu Kaisen. It’s an action-packed game with combat, cursed techniques, and an open map to explore. You need to train your stats by doing if you want to measure up, so run, fight, and use your curse skills to become a truly exceptional fighter.

You can check out Jujutsu Chronicles on Roblox via Google Play. We’ve also got Haze Piece races, Haze Piece lava key, and Haze Piece swords guides.

Jujutsu Chronicles Personal Traits

Here we’ll go over each of the personal traits and the bonus they’ll give you.

About Personal Traits

Personal Traits are inherent traits in Jujutsu Chronicles that give you boosts to your stats. Not sure if you’ve got one? You can check on your student ID by hitting the ‘ID Card’ button on the bottom of the screen and checking the ‘Personal Trait’ entry on there.

It should either list one of the buffs listed below, or just say ‘None’, in which case you’re out of luck. Boo!

Personal Trait List

Here we detail all the stats for the available traits.


Combat Master

Energy Master


Gifted Child

  • Boost To Mimicry +25%
  • Curse Energy +10%
  • Speed +5%


  • Curse Energy +25%
  • Health +25%
  • Skill Cooldown -30%
  • Stamina +15%
  • Speed +20%
  • Strength +20%


  • Skill Cooldown -25%
  • Speed +15%

Perfect Vessel



  • Curse Energy +15%
  • Health +10%
  • Skill Cooldown -5%
  • Stamina +10%
  • Speed +10%
  • Strength +15%

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