A new season of Limbus Company is upon us, and the Limbus Company Season 3 trailer hints at some maritime mystery. The footage treats us to views of a ghost ship and murky waters, horrific fish-like-creatures, and images of disappearing under black waves.

When one of the characters is named Ishmael, the hints are pretty strong.

White Whale, Holy Grail

According to the official Twitter, the new chapter and new season kick off on the 16th of November.

Not yet initiated in the bus ride from hell? Well, let us fill you in.

Limbus Company is the newest title from South Korean developer Project Moon, the studio behind Lobotomy Corporation and Library Of Ruina. Limbus Company is the studio’s first foray into the gacha world, and came with a few teething problems. The Twitter apologized a lot.

Fans of the previous works might find it interesting, as it directly references previous games, and shows the aftermath of the Lobotomy Corporation’s irresponsible power generation practices.

Limbus Company follows an unlikely hero, named Dante, who wakes up one day with no memories, and, even more alarmingly, a clock for a head.

Dante’s Inferno

Dante is approached by an individual named Vergilius, because Project Moon read The Divine Comedy. Vergilius gives the clock-headed enigma a job as a manager for the titular Limbus Company.

The job involves managing a team of agents called ‘Sinners’. These Sinners delve into the dangerous horror-infested tunnels below the city. These places were once part of Lobotomy Corp’s property. Now they’re a deathtrap. Crucially though, they contain rare and powerful Golden Boughs, something the Limbus Company set out to claim.

Sound like your thing? Check out the Limbus Company Season 3 trailer now via their official Twitter, or grab the game itself on Google Play.

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