We may see a Dark And Darker Android version in the not-too-distant future. Yeah, it surprised us too. Publisher Krafton appears to have reached a licensing agreement with the developer Ironmace for the intellectual property.

If you haven’t heard of Krafton, you may be more familiar with the South Korean company’s subsidiaries. These include Bluehole Studio and PUBG Studios. It’s Bluehole that may potentially work on Dark And Darker.

It’s More Than Rumors

The news broke through Twitter account @PlayerIGN, but this was more than simple hearsay.

The user brought receipts in the form of a link to the Krafton website’s blog section, which seems to confirm that the publisher has reached an agreement with Dark And Darker developer Ironmace for a Dark And Darker mobile game.

This was additionally supported by a Facebook post from apparently the head of Krafton’s South East Asia Department, saying something to similar effect.

So what is Dark And Darker? Ironmace’s dungeon crawler is not like other dungeon crawlers. It takes the world of spells, swords, and skeletons, and turns it into something that plays more like an FPS battle royale.

Darkest Dungeon Meets PUBG

You, and some friends too, can venture through the cramped halls of a dungeon, fighting monsters and searching for loot, with fighting done from a first-person perspective.

Watch out though, you’re not the only party of adventurers in the dungeon, and as you close in on the most desirable loot then you’re more and more likely to run into some deadly competition.

The PC version is currently not available via the Steam platform and only something you can get directly, due to a DMCA notice and ongoing legal dispute between Ironmace and Nexon, though that is a whole other can of worms best covered by others. We’re just in it for the possible Android version.

It goes without saying we’ll be keeping a close eye on how the Dark And Darker Android story develops, and hopefully, we’ll all be chasing each other around with war axes in some goblin caves soon enough.

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